Over numerous years, the company based in Matera has performed environmental characterisation surveys and geognostic surveys using fluidsby providing qualified personnel and cutting-edge technologies geognostic surveys using fluidsby providing qualified personnel and cutting-edge technologies.
Public entities and enterprises are now turn to the company based inMatera to obtain comprehensive and professional assessments of specific sites in order to proceed with the development of implementation plans for the placing in safety and recmediation of the areas in question.

    Collection and processing of environmental data

    The collection of environmental data and its subsequent processing is aimed at reconstructing the phenomena of contamination which has affect the environment over time. Their assessment follows, qnd then the drafting of reports and action plans.

    All environmental characterisation phases

    Here are the details of all the environmental characterisation survey phases:

    • Historical reconstruction of the activity (industrial, commercial, agricultural, etc.) conducted on the area being analysed;
    • Identification of materials and substances passed through the sites in question;
    • Collection of information on the status of existing structures and on the environmental measures carried out on the territory;
    • Findings in relation to the existence of specific environmental constraints or requirements issued by the competent authorities;
    • Elaboration of a preliminary conceptual model;
    • Preparation of an environmental characterisation plan;
    • Processing of the results;
    • Drafting of the final conceptual model with its proposals for actions.
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