Coring, piezometric surveys and Standard Penetration Test

With the collaboration of highly qualified professionals who are always at the cutting-edge, the company is able to provide expert advice for the execution of geognostic surveys with soil drilling for the destruction of the nucleus and continuous core drilling, also with sampling and installation of various technical instrumentation without affecting the environment. Headquartered in Matera, Fiumano Toma Trivellazioni is also able to carry out in situ tests such as the performance of the Standard Penetration Test (SPT), the monitoring of inclinometer readings, piezometric surveys and pressuremeter tests.

Final technical reports on survey campaigns

At the end of survey campaigns, geologists and engineers draft the final technical reports - geological, hydrogeology and geotechnical report - with geophysical - geoseismic, geoelectric and georadar prospections.


To request more information about the geognostic survey services performed by Fiumano Toma Trivellazioni, contact the following numbers

0835.262275 - 0835.268092.

Find out how our geognostic surveys are performed : watch the video below.

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