Ground drilling

The company based in Matera is a reference point in Basilicata, Puglia and Campania for the perfromance of small diametre soil drilling, making the latest technology available for accurate and precise operations.
In fact, a highly qualified technical team ensures expert advice and ongoing monitoring of worksite activities. The company is in possession of SOA certificate for the realisation of public works for the OS 21 and OS 20B categories.

soil drilling, drilling and consolidations

Specialised in land drilling works for the installation of tie rods/fasteners and for the initiation of geognostic surveys, the company is able to perform small diametre boreholes from 76 to 240 mm, with a vertical and/or otherwise inclined progression, rotation and/or rotary percussion.

This type of drilling operation is required for the consolidation of direct foundations that do not have sufficient capacity to support the superstructure, the restoration of foundations damaged by external agents, both physical and chemical, and the consolidation of ground before the execution of direct foundations.

Installment of micropiles

The staff also performs the installation of micropiles that are generally realised "in situ" (therefore not prefabricated) and inserted with the use of small-scale equipment (probes and hydraulic drills) and also allow installations inside buildings.


For more information and technical advice: 0835.262275 - 0835.268092.

Find out how our piling works are performed: watch the video below.

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