Installation of foundation piles

The company has been operating in Matera for more than 30 years in the field of installation of foundation piles, micropiles and ground drilling in the public and private sector, including soil driling without the use of fluids for environmental characterisation works.

Geognostic surveys: surveys and core drilling

industrial drilling

The staff performs geognostic surveys using continuous soil drilling or "core destruction" with sampling or rework that does not affect the environment, as well as the installation of equipment, in other words aluminium inclinometer tubes and abs, open pipe piezometers and Casagrande type piezometric cells.

In-situ tests are also performed: S.P.T., S.C.P.T., C.P.T.U., pressuremeter pumping tests and others.

Geognostic monitoring and surveys

The specialised technicians of the drilling company also perform monitoring activities, such as piezometric surveys, inclinometer measurements, etc. and, in collaboration with specialised laboratories operating in accordance with the standards defined in national and international regulations, Fiumano Toma Trivellazioni is able to cover all the different aspects related to geognostic surveys, including site surveys, geotechnical laboratory tests, geophysical - geoseismic, geoelectric and georadar surveys - as well as load tests on piles and micropiles.

Our employees: engineers, geologists and technicians

Employees and consultants working at the soil drilling firm are technicians, geologists and engineers specialised in geotechnical issues, who are fully authorised to practice their professions. They ensure constant technical monitoring of worksite operations, but are also a reference point for receiving expert advice in regard to the planning of surveys and geotechnical monitoring, their interpretation and the drafting of final geological, hydrogeological and geotechnical technical reports - as well as all the technical problems related to their field, thus providing a complete service in regard to problems related to geognostic surveys and the execution of drilling for small and large diametre poles. Currently, the staff is composed of twelve employees with different qualifications, including excavators and drivers, machine operators and mechanical piling operators, all with numerous years of experience.

From subsurface exploration to drilling

The company has regularly performed works in the OS20-B and OS21 categories, such as:

  • Explorations of the subsoil with special equipment, also for environmental purposes,
  • special foundations;
  • land consolidation;
  • special subsoil works;
  • anchors;
  • waterproofing;
  • boreholes and wells

Fiumano Toma Trivellazioni is also fully certified for the execution of public works and the organization's management system is certifed in conformity to the UNI EN ISO 9001: 2008 standard.

List of vehicles and equipment

  • Special use Soilmec brand type R 210 auger tracked vehicle for drilling
  • Special use Soilmec brand type RTA 10 auger wheeled vehicle for drilling
  • Special use CMV brand type MK 900 GL rotation auger wheeled vehicle for drilling
  • Special use CMV brand type MK 900 D.1 rotation auger tracked vehicle for drilling
  • Special use CMV brand type MK 420 rotation auger tracked vehicle for drilling
  • Special use Clivio brand type Rap.0 auger wheeled vehicle for drilling
  • Special use Carmac brand type MD 191 tracked vehicle for drilling
  • Type FL6 mechanical shovel
  • TernaJ CB 3 CX self-propelled vehicle with license plate MT AA007
  • Soilmec brand vibrator and controller
  • Bunker type twin-cylinder pump
  • Pump, stirrer and Clivio turbo mixer
  • Holman type 750/170 S 21.000 l motor compressor
  • Atlas Copco 17.000 lt motor compressor XAHS 285 type
  • Magirus 360 semi-trailer tractor
  • U.Piacenza semi-trailer for transportation
  • Volkswagen Caddy Van transportation Fiat Iveco 190-26 truck
  • Fiat Iveco 240 - E42 truck for transportation
  • Transportation truck OM Grinta Series cutting tools (hammers, crowns, core barrels etc.)
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